SUJIPULI is like
a mantra
for patience
and perseverance


SALA SUJIPULI is a project aiming to create sustainable lifelong learning opportunities that nurture youth empowerment by providing educational, recreational, and cultural resources and activities for all children aged 4 to 15.

In Laos, there are very few such centers which provide children with good environment to learn out of their school time. Therefore, SALA SUJIPULI aims to provide an alternative learning space for children to spend their time before/during/after the school time to interact with others and be exposed to a range of new experiences.

SALA SUJIPULI’s specific objective is to develop children’s reading ability (their mother tongues language mainly) and to develop their home language competence, ability to research, critical thinking skills and creativity skills through different activities.

Several cultural and non-formal educational activities are offered on a daily basis, such as Lao literature, storytelling, traditional games or arts and crafts. SALA SUJIPULI activities will be based on the following principles;

Provide educational, recreational and cultural resources to children aged 4 to 15 and support their development

Develop reading, research and creativity skills

Support and preserve Laos cultures and traditions

Create a learning and gathering space for local communities

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